The Anatomy of a (Cyber) Attack

What is a cyber attack? Are you ready for one?

In the past 24 months, a series of highly sophisticated and targeted cyber-attacks across the globe have revealed a seismic shift in the threat landscape. Targeted attacks are becoming increasingly advanced and audacious, resulting in Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) for both public and private institutions. In March of 2011, RSA suffered a significant and highly publicized cyber-attack. The result of the attack forever changed RSA’s security posture. RSA has created a presentation called the “Anatomy of an Attack” which steps audiences through the start, progression and result of the attack. Additionally, RSA shares the lessons learned and suggested best practices for continuing to combat APTs based on their experiences.


About Kevin Flanagan

Kevin Flanagan, CISSP, CISA, is the Director of Technical Consulting for North America at RSA, The Security Division of EMC.  Kevin leads a team of Security Specialists responsible for solution architecture and technical subject matter expertise. Over the years he has provided security program definition, risk assessment, secure application design, and data protection architecture for many software/service providers and large corporations.

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