One User, Multiple Devices: Cross-platform Recovery and Analysis of Social Media and Chat Artifacts

Happy New year!

Please Join us as we start the year exploring mobile forensics with Jad Saliba!

To fully understand a person’s social networking and chat activity you need to acquire data from all the computers and mobile devices they’ve used to access their social and chat applications. This session will arm you with the knowledge and techniques required to recover and analyze social networking and chat artifacts across the most popular computer and mobile device file systems. It will bring you up-to-date with the latest developments in social media and chat artifacts through a review of popular apps like Facebook, Skype and Kik Messenger, which are continually evolving. We will also explore new and emerging applications like Snapchat and the ChromeOS platform that you may not have encountered yet but are gaining in prevalence.

About Jad Saliba

Jad Saliba is a former digital forensics investigator who left policing in 2011 to devote all of his time to developing software solutions that dramatically improve the process of recovering and analyzing Internet evidence left behind. He has since dedicated his efforts to developing Internet Evidence Finder (IEF) into a thorough and easy-to-use software solution that recovers Internet related artifacts from computers, smartphones and tablets. As Magnet Forensics’ CTO, Jad is focused on researching new methods of recovering and analyzing all types of evidence for digital forensics investigations. His goal remains to create the best Internet forensics tools possible—helping those in the trenches make a difference in their communities. Jad is a recognized digital forensics speaker at industry events including: CEIC, Crimes against Children Conference, EuroForensics, F3, HTCIA, ICDDF, SANS, and the Canadian Police College. Jad served as a police officer for the Waterloo Regional Police Service for 7 years and holds a Diploma in Computer Science and Network Security from Mohawk College.

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