Reducing Data Acquisition and Analysis by 50% Using Optimal Hardware


As the trusted solutions provider for digital forensics, electronic discovery and consulting services, Silicon Forensics build customized forensic tools by utilizing the latest technology and best practice methodology to deliver the best of breed forensic solutions. As a long standing member of HTCIA and committed sponsor of HTCIA International Conference, we hope to share our best practices on how we build an optimal forensic computer platform with the regional members. In this presentation, we plan to share with the regional HTCIA chapters the decision making process we go through in building an optimal forensic computer platform that meets the standards of today’s forensic examiners and investigators. We will start by sharing the latest hardware and software technology trends including process roadmap, memory, storage, RAID and other forensic acquisition tools. Next, we will share with the audience some of the challenges faced by today’s forensic examiners like processing time, platform expandability and data accessibility. With that in mind, we will present how we choose the right hardware technology to address these challenges like SSD RAID, I/O capabilities and others. Finally, we will share a sample case study of a forensic project using an optimal forensic computing platform.


Speaker Bios – Howard Lo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Silicon Forensics
Mr. Howard Lo is a seasoned technology professional with over 17+ years of sales, marketing and business development experience. Having worked at Intel, Motorola, Emulex and numerous technology startups, Howard’s main passion is to help technology companies through multiple stages of growth. Howard graduated by UC Berkeley with a BS in Civil Engineering and received his MBA from UC Davis.


Speaker Bios – Jonathan Karchmer, Senior Managing Consultant, Silicon Forensics.
Mr. Jonathan Karchmer Mr. Jonathan Karchmer is a Senior Managing Consultant with Silicon Forensics. Mr. Karchmer has over 15 years of experience in managing projects dealing with computer forensic examinations, ESI collection / processing, hosting, as well as document review and production. Jonathan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona. He has been an EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) since March 2003.

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