All Criminals are Marketers – November 2015 Meeting


In ‘All Criminals are Marketers’ Rob Holmes will draw from his 20 years investigating pirates and counterfeiters on the Web to demonstrate how cybercriminals use online marketing techniques to reach their customers and how investigators can use those techniques to solve the crime and track down the perp.  Topics covered include Black Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Javascript Injections, Botnets, Malware and Advertising Networks.

Speaker Bio:

Rob Holmes is Founder & CEO of Raised in New Jersey in a family of private investigators, Rob worked his first trademark infringement case at the age of twelve. While aspiring as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles in the early 90s, he was employed at a premiere intellectual property investigative firm. Here, he found himself assigned to investigate a new breed of faceless perpetrators: cybercriminals. Rob conducted some of the world’s first IP-related Internet investigations, and pioneered the study of the “virtual crime scene”. His regular clients include 20 of the 100 Best Global Brands.  Rob is a private eye, funny guy, blogger, Calvinist, Freemason, Prius owner, and a Gene Hackman Fan.

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