ShellCon 2017!

What is ShellCon?

ShellCon is a conference focused around community, hacking, and getting your hands dirty. Brought to you by the people who have organized BSidesLA for the last six years and a number of new organizers who bring a fresh outlook and great ideas. We are heavily influenced by the openness and welcoming atmosphere BSides has cultivated within the hacker community and we will continue that tradition. At ShellCon, you’ll walk away from each session itching to try what you just learned. Presentations and events will have a focus on practicality and real world use. We’re dreamers who need to get things done.

We have a single track of presenters this year with a focus on practical and immediately* useful information. Speakers are encouraged to give the audience something they can use as soon as the talk is over. Be it a Github repo, a cheat sheet, slides, documentation, or just a useful trick.

To our speakers: Ask yourself how your will ideas help people in our community grow? Present the kind of material that will impact our attendees and their organizations in lasting ways TODAY.

Hacker Village

Can you say Hacker Village? Of course you can. Check ours out! The Hacker Village retains the ethos of usefulness and practicality the con is centered around, with an additional hands on aspect.

Ever wanted to hack the ever living IoT out of a home IoT network? We’ve got that ready for you.

Like CryptoCurrency? Love CryptoCurrency? Never heard of CryptoCurrency? We’ve got you covered.

Twitter: @shellc0n

Registration opens at 8:30am. Watch out for parking instructions email!

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