SoCal HTCIA October 2018 Chapter Meeting

We are happy to announce that this month’s training will be Oxygen Forensics. Oxygen Forensics is a leading global provider of digital forensic investigation software for government, law enforcement, and enterprise organizations, as well as providing training. For our next luncheon, you will learn about two important issues in law enforcement/security investigations. As always, please register for this class and if you bring a guest please make sure they register also.

2FA and Apps: Today and Beyond

Today’s investigators are finding more and more instances of two-factor authentication when it comes to cloud storage. What is two factor authentication and can it be defeated to access valuable data on the cloud? With more and more investigators relying on cloud data for today’s investigations come to our session to be educated on 2FA and learn some methods on how you can often overcome this now common scenario and extract valuable data.

Geo-Fencing a Timeline

We all know that something happens and a certain time and date. We also know that there is often a geographic location or locations that is involved. However, with all of the “geo-noise” in our investigations we often are drawn to outlier data that takes us from our focal point or location in the case. In this educational session we will discuss why, and how the creation of a geo-fence of the data can help bring your investigative focus on what was occurring not only at a specific time BUT also a set geographic area.

Date: October 19th, 2018

Location: Torrance Police Department

Please register at the link below:

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