SoCal HTCIA – January 2019 Meeting

Happy New Year Members!!

This month’s SoCal HTCIA Meeting will be a presentation by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office on:

The Evolution of Cyber Law & the Fourth Amendment

Evolving Technologies produce emerging legal theories and the need for legislation designed to contend with new and novel privacy issues.  Privacy law, which is the foundation of cyberlaw, originates in the idea of the right to be left alone.  This right essentially balances the interests of the various involved parties: the government versus society.  To what extent can the government obtain citizen or corporate data and in what manner, if any?

This lecture will focus on issues of cyber and privacy law applying them to modern scenarios and cases.  When and how do government investigations occur and what are the relevant laws controlling these actions and, most importantly, how does it affect you?

Presented by experienced prosecutors from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, this lecture will present these issues in a dynamic and compelling manner, explaining some of the legal intricacies and unique cases prosecuted by the largest prosecutorial agency in the United States.

This meeting will give members an insight regarding the advancements in the 4th Amendment in a digital age while introducing a unique historical perspective to privacy in the modern age. The presenter will be Benyomin Forer from the DA’s office.

Please join us for the informative meeting. Light refreshments/lunch will be provided.


Please park in the parking structure on W 7th St @ Francisco St. and walk over

Everyone’s parking will be validated if they park in this structure.

Please come up to the 13th floor and someone will escort you to the meeting room.

Please be sure to register using the link below:


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