The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) is designed to encourage, promote, aid and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experience, ideas and knowledge about methods, processes, and techniques relating to investigation and security in advanced technologies among its membership.

HTCIA Code of Ethics

I will support the objectives and purposes of the HTCIA, as stated in Article II of the Association Bylaws.

I agree to respect the confidential nature of any sensitive information, procedures, or techniques that I become aware of because of my involvement with the HTCIA.

I will not disclose such confidential material to anyone who is not a member in good standing of the HTCIA without the written permission from the HTCIA Board of Directors.

The bylaws can be viewed in HTML format or downloaded as an Adobe PDF document.

HTCIA Core Values

HTCIA Core Values are defined as follows:

(1). The HTCIA values the Truth uncovered within digital information and the effective techniques used to uncover that Truth, so that no one is wrongfully convicted!

(2). The HTCIA values the Security of our society and its citizens through the enforcement of our laws and the protection of our infrastructure and economies.

(3). The HTCIA values the Integrity of its members and the evidence they expose through common investigative and computer forensic best practices including specialized techniques used to gather digital evidence.

(4). The HTCIA values the Trusted network of forensic and investigative professionals within private and public businesses including law enforcement who share our values and our vision.

(5). The HTCIA values the Confidentiality of its membership and the information, skills and techniques they share within the association.